GEMS 2.0: Dynamic Entrepreneurship Programme (DEP)

14-04-2016 UTM Alumni Liaison Unit

Koperasi ASAS Selangor Berhadhave been officially appointed by TalentCorp to undertake the role of implementing the GEMS 2.0: Dynamic Entrepreneurship Programme ("DEP")for Sector ENTREPRENEURSHIP as the Programme Implementation Owner (“PIO”).
DEP programme, would provide graduate with the critical hands on business knowledge, skills attitude and experience to enhance their capability and readiness in starting up and running their own business. On the other hands, these competencies would also enhance their employability. 
The objectives of DEP Programme among others are:
·         To reduce talent shortage in NKEA
·         To focus on industry targeted by ETP
·         To develop entrepreneur among graduates
·         To meet industry needs
·         To act as another talent pipeline for the industry
·         To promote experiential learning
·         To prioritized domain-specific training to enable effective contribution
·         To ensure high income jobs for graduates
We are entrusted by TalentCorp to implement the DEP Programme by carrying out the tasks to train and mentor selected graduates with the aim that the selected graduates will be able to run their own business orsecure suitable employment.