Faculty Members of Ajman University of Science and Technology

19-04-2016 UTM Alumni Liaison Unit

AUST seeks a dynamic, innovative and visionary Faculty Members in the following fields for the academic year 2016/2017:


College of Engineering:

 - Electrical Engineering (power and renewable energy systems) (PhD Degree)

- Biomedical (MSc Degree Holders)

- Interior Design - (PhD Degree / MSc Degree Holders)

- Architecture - (PhD Degree// MSc Degree Holders)


College of Business Administration:

- Management (PhD Degree Holder)

- Finance (PhD Degree Holder)


College of Information Technology:

- Computer Engineering (PhD Degree Holder)


College of Dentistry:

- Restorative Dentistry (PhD Degree Holder)

- Paedodontics (PhD Degree Holder)

- Prosthodontics (PhD Degree Holder)

- Orthodontics (PhD Degree Holder).

- Oral Surgery (PhD Degree Holder)

- Oral Pathology (PhD Degree Holder)

- Anatomy (PhD Degree Holder)


College of Pharmacy & Health Sciences:

- Pharmaceutical Chemistry (PhD Degree Holder)



Minimum Qualifications Required:


  • Applicant should be a graduate of accredited universities, which use credit hours system, and English language as a medium of instruction.
  • 2 years teaching experience in higher education institutes.
  • Excellent English language command as it is the medium of teaching.

How to apply:

Please fill the University application form which can be found in our career webpage: